Alt title: 이층 침대 / Una Pieza - Read Bunking Bed Online
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Latest chapter: Chapter 8
Countries: Updating
Artist / Author (s): Gyeogja17
Doujinshi: Updating
Subteam(s): Updating
Updated at: 12:11 22-11-2022
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Read manhwa Bunking Bed at English translated. Read Manhwa/ Pornwa 18+ Bunking Bed online update chapter every day latest. Share this manhwa to everyone, friends-zone, your lover to read!

Seungbin who finally got into the prestigious university lives with a mysterious roommate. The next day, he attempts to greet his roommate in anticipation…
The person lying on the bed is a woman?! His bland college life has started to get more exciting!
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Chapters (8)

Chapter 8
48 1 week ago
Chapter 7
37 1 week ago
Chapter 6
45 1 week ago
Chapter 5
58 2 weeks ago
Chapter 4
49 2 weeks ago
Chapter 3
72 3 weeks ago
Chapter 2
81 1 month ago
Chapter 1
161 1 month ago


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