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Latest chapter: Chapter 12
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Artist / Author (s): Lee seol
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Updated at: 13:11 18-11-2022
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Taeho, who is a perfumer, has been dating Sunhye for seven years. He felt that their relationship was stuck in a rut and needed some change to spice things up. One day, his best friend accidentally spilled a new perfume on Taeho and that night he realized that she couldn’t resist him because of this powerful new scent. With the creation of this new perfume, Taeho quickly runs to his best friend and asks him to seduce her, so that he is able to make his NTR fantasy become a reality. “I want you…to seduce her.”
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Chapters (12)

Chapter 12
26 2 weeks ago
Chapter 11
13 2 weeks ago
Chapter 10
42 3 weeks ago
Chapter 9
24 3 weeks ago
Chapter 8
36 3 weeks ago
Chapter 7
34 3 weeks ago
Chapter 6
27 3 weeks ago
Chapter 5
46 3 weeks ago
Chapter 4
47 3 weeks ago
Chapter 3
59 3 weeks ago
Chapter 2
93 3 weeks ago
Chapter 1
136 3 weeks ago


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